Sharing one isp connection via wan

Hi Community!

I hope you can help me ... (Because I don't even know where to begin)

So here is the deal

I currently have two ADSL connections to my isp so that my parents and I can share the same account.

The problem is, my isp is offering another package with only one connection but almost triple the bandwidth.

I was wondering, can I setup my router so that I share the capacity via WAN ?

I would appreciate any help on this subject ;-)

Look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Probably yes, you can share the connection via LAN (or even set up a separate subnet) but the details on how to depend on your specific router model.

    Do they need wired and wireless or just wireless? What kind of distance from your router to their devices and do you have Ethernet cable in the walls from you to them already or do you need to go wireless or powerline/MOCA?
  2. Hi RealBeast!!

    Thanks for the reply !!

    Umm ... My parents are roughly 1600 miles away ... We have one of those multiple concurrent connection things at the moment.

    Do you think it would be possible to directly connect one router to the other through a normal DSL lines?

    Thanks Lots

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    No, the most sensible and cost effective solution is two DSL providers, yours selected for bandwidth and theirs for economy.
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