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Hello everyone!
Last December I bought Samsung laptop 3 series NP300V5Z, It came without Operating system. So I installed windows 7 64bit. I installed Samsung drivers from CD. I`ve put +4 GB DDR3 memory card, so in total 8GB. The PC was so fast, boot time, till I can start to open applications, was very good. Then after like 2 months I realised that my PC booting time is so slow 2 minutes till the HDD led indicator light goes out. I did first BIOS update "Phoenix Tiano NB 2.1 " and I think the PC become slow after BIOS update, but in total I updated my bios 3 times, because of new firmwares came out, in hope that my boot time will be faster. I tried everything. I reinstalled windows, but the same thing. Even Windows 7 32bit is slow for my PC.
I read in forums that mostly boot time depends of HDD, so I bought new HDD WD scorpio black 750GB 7200rpm and I did clean windows 7 64bit install, no changes.. :/
My PC has:
Intel i7-2630q CPU 2.00GHZ
Intel internal HD graphics and NVIDIA GeForce GT 520MX
What can affect windows booting time? Even I start up empty Windows 7 it takes some 60 sec to load just drivers.
I have desktop PC wich is 4years old and it boots in 50 sec.
In the BIOS setup there are no many options to change something.
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  1. Well, you may have fragmented your windows files at some point. Defrag your entire HDD and maybe that will speed things up. I don it like once every couple months or so to keep loading times down.
  2. Can you say with certainty that the first bios update was the point at which your boot time slowed down?

    It is very possible that the bios update caused the slowness. If you know your old bios version, try downloading that from the Samsung site and see if it improves your boot times.

    It could also be that some driver update samsung put out is taking a very long time, as each driver is it's own program, and if it does something stupidly it could just take a long time to load.

    But, boot time is a very hard thing to look back upon accurately, a new computer will seem fast because you spent a lot of money on it :) It could be that it was a 60sec boot time when you first got it, and it got noticeably worse over time, and now after you do a clean install of windows that same boot time seems slow now that you think negatively of it. (We're all human, and it's not easy to accurately perceive things we don't/didn't measure)

    edit: It's worth noting that an SSD *should* bring your boot times down to about 20sec. However, it's harder to put one in a laptop, because you either have to get one big enough for your files, use an external HDD for more storage, or be fortunate enough to have 2 HDD bays or an mSata port in your laptop. However, it is possible that some misbehaving driver or something is going to slow you down no matter what (it's not likely, but is possible).
  3. It was after first BIOS update. IS it possible to downgrade ? If you can help me to find the bios, would be wery nice, because I have searched for a long time but no results, it is the file name of bios update ITEM_20111014_292_WIN_02FU, ITEM_20120412_466_WIN_03FU, ITEM_20120517_516_WIN_04FU.
    For update Im using special application by samsung "BIOSUpdate", where are two options- Download and Update :) Cant chose to download 1st update file.
    And one more thing when I power up laptop and when it start to load desktop screen all application icons becomes in white and then after 3 sec they shows real look of iccon this thing appeared after first bios update :)
    Here is the link to my PC driver download page, and there are no options to download bios drivers, only this "BIOSUpdate"
  4. Does anyone know how to work in this page
    I guess, there can download all bios versions..
  5. You may be able to email their support to report the issue (it may help to pretend you just did the update, so they don't blow you off), they may provide you with the original file directly if it's not on their site.
  6. Could you please give us a timing of how long it takes for you to get into windows. From the time it says

    Starting Windows with the logo, to the time you have log in screen

    Could just be your not happy with your boot timing and need a SSD for mili second boot times
  7. Last boot:
    Boot Duration : 123637ms
    I would like to get back how it was in the beggining..
    By the way Ive got Bios update file: ITEM_20110708_182_WIN_00FU.exe It is the first one. Default.
    Do you know how can I downgrade, Phoenix winphlash doesn`t support exe files?
  8. Dumb question, but what happens if you run it?

    Again though, I would recommend contacting Samsung support, as if you mess up the downgrade process (and it actually does something to your bios, such as installing a bios file for a different laptop), you will likely brick your laptop. You'll want to tell them the issue, ask them for direct instructions on how to fix it. They should be able to provide you with an application to do what you want to do, or at the very least offer some instructions or warranty support.

    I can't help you with explicit instructions, because every mobo/laptop is different in how they distribute and apply bios updates, there is no standard way that it gets done. However the danger always exists to brick your machine with a botched bios update, so please be careful.
  9. First thing first, check your boot log after you boot the laptop, here is the link

    Also do you use your laptop in the network? If yes, then it maybe the problem. But check the boot log first.
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