ATI Rage All In Wonder128 Pro, is it 16mb or 32mb?

The card I have has the large black heat sink on it, the non-"pro" doesn't. From everything I can find on the internet, it looks like the 32mb version, but Windows ME is identifying it as a Rage 128 Pro with 16mb of memory. Did ATI ever make a 16mb version of the ATI Rage All In Wonder128 Pro? If so, is there any cosmetic difference between the two cards? I can find a 16mb version that is not "Pro", but that's not the same thing, is it? All of the pictures that I've found of that one show that it doesn't have the heat sink, just the exposed surface of the chip. Someone out there has to know this one. Thanks.
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  1. If you got it from a guy in Mount Pleasant, it's one of the cards I modified, and it's not a pro.

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