Bf3 lag/frezzing and network issues

hello fellow members

first thing first.

cpu-amd pII 970 oc to 3.8
gpu 6950
mem. g skill ddr2 1066 4gb
asus m3a78-t

I have a network issue while playing (pc) bf3 online. i been playing ever since the game beta with this hardware. while playing in game i never experience any issues in tell now, the issue begin about 3 days ago. same router, modems, cables etc. the game is very laggy and freezes while playing. i am getting about 55 to 60 fps. It is not a heat issue i have a good habit of watching my temps while in game as well. i been downloading torrents just like all of us do. i never got any letters from my isp, but i think they are throttle my network. i started to take action and monitor my speed test, ping test, packet loss, and release and renew my ip address. my network pass all the test i have done and out of ideals. tryed to reset my router and modems still no luck. try to use angry ip scanner to see if i have any other ip addresses on the other side. just mine shows active. I ping test google in cmd to see if the % of packet loss and have consistent ping. i notice the ping will go up to 118ms from 22ms avg. sometimes 50ms. tryed the in game console command (render.perfoverlayvisisble 1) to show the cpu and gpu usage while having the issues. I made my phone 4g lte a hotspot and played on 4g lte, while playing the game and didn't have any issues for a hour and a half. "good thing i have the unlimited data package". i removed the router and went straight to my pc and still have the issue. i dont know what else to do.

Any thoughts would be great.

I have pictures to show but i cant attach them to this site. no attachement link in this form. how do i get he photos on here?
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  1. Well if you've changed the internet connection to another connection and performance returns as normal but when you reconnect your original internet connection the bad performance issue returns, then it must be related to this. You mentioned resetting your router and modem, are these seperate devices? if so, just connect directly to the modem so you can check off the router as the problem. also if you wish to post images, I usually use a site like and then post the links.
  2. Any of the online image storing sites will give you the forum links to post your pics and then it's just a matter of copy and paste I use Image shack and on the right column it gives you those options.

    The router is your issue and if you have a QoS option in the router settings you can try that. You can also try updating the firmware of the router and even the modem. You can also check for any new lan adapter drivers.
  3. i have not made any change to the router. what is QOS?i have update the firmware recently. i have called comcast and they are in fact, but its only the bandwidth usage per month. i normaly use about 10 gbs a month. the day i downloaded about 5 movies via torrents. i jump up in data usage in one week to 85gbs. they in fact said they were aware of the usage jump. i am still on phone with the dicks and they have not still told me if they have restricted my bandwidth. i will post the results
  4. QoS is quality of service and it is a setting inside the routrer where you can jset a computer or device with a priority level above the other computers , and you can also set a game or application with that priority also.
    This is if you want to put say your gaming computer at the top of the list for more bandwidth than any other devices or computers on the network.
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    There is a site called DSL and they have some useful tools that can help diagnose a network or internet issue.
  6. ok i had the comcast tech come out and still cant find the problem. it happen while gaming. so i open the cmd and tracert to the game server i was playing on at that time . i pulled a 1026ms ping in Texas. i dont know what ibone means but maybe someone here an give me some more detail informaiton. why this is causing my lag in game i dont know how to fix it. i posting for picture of the 1026ms ping. any ideals.

    These are the images with the problem. Also i dont know what is ibone that is were the high ping and problems is. what ibone means i have no ideal. any information would be great.
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