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If I place a text document on the glass in my HP Officejet 8500A Premium all-in-one printer, I can then double click on the icon for my scanner ("C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP Officejet Pro 8500 A910\bin\HPScan.exe") and from the window that comes up, I can ask the computer to scan the document I placed on the glass of my printer. HOWEVER, If I merely place the document on the glass and hit the "SCAN" button on the LED screen of my printer, it cannot find the connection to my laptop. And when I look at my wireless devices, the scanner is not listed, either. How can I correct this problem?
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  1. I have this same printer, but do not have this issue.

    Is your printer connected to your laptop via USB at all? I am assuming that your printer is connected to your laptop via USB, which is why clicking the button the application will scan the document... but I don't believe that your printer is connected to the same wifi network as your laptop. It's key to have both your printer and laptop successfully connected to the same wifi.

    Some things to double check are: make sure your printer is connected to your wifi network. In the settings of the printer, you can print out a network/connection specs sheet that shows the current network and connection information that it is on. You can connect to your wifi network by clicking through the menus and entering your wifi password.

    Also, when clicking on the scan button, it lets you choose WHERE you want the document scanned to - whether it's a network shared folder, emailed, saved onto a USB stick or SD card. I don't think it has the option to 'pop up' immediately on your screen unless it's connected via USB with the application open.

    Hope this helps.
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