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I'm trying to set up my home network with two routers. One as the LAN router and the other as the access point. I have a really nice router and an older router, I'll just leave it at that. One router will be connected to the modem, the other in my game room for the wireless access point. My question is do I want to use the nicer, newer router as the LAN router or the wireless access point?
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  1. Assuming you're going to be running them both in the same mode (b, g, and/or n), put the one with a stronger signal in the place where it will cover most of the areas in the house where you need a wireless signal. That place could be next to the modem or in the game room, probably whichever one is more central in your house.

    Then you can just use the other one to provide a strong signal in the game room. Because you'll be right next to the router, signal strength isn't an issue.
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