Best combo of modem(s) or router(s) for different wired connections

Here's the situation,
In one end of my house, we have the family computer along with a modem hooked up to it, that is in turn hooked up to a router providing a wireless signal. I am going to be building a gaming pc soon and will be putting that in my room. My room is on the complete other end of the house (which means the wireless signal is not ideal for gaming), so running a 100 ft. ethernet to my pc isn't really an option. What I need to know is, what is the best combination or setup of of router(s) and or modem(s) to put into my room, so that I can have a fast, wired ethernet connection to my pc (possibly another ethernet going to an xbox also).

I have cable internet, provided by comcast. I have a cable plugin easily accessible in my room (not sure what the name for it is but it works for modems and tv, as far as I know). Price isn't much of an issue, I just need the easiest way to get fast, wired gaming on my pc, while keeping my family computers modem and router where they are.

Thanks in advance
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  1. I am not sure how your Cable provider works, but more than likely you are only able to have a single modem hooked up.
  2. ^ +1 No multiple modems on cable modem.

    If no cable, you have three choices: wireless using a pair of ASUS 802.11ac ($190 each) for a wireless bridge, set up like THIS. MOCA if you have good coaxial cable installed. Powerline, although that can work well or not, much luck involved. Wireless with N over that distance will not be adequate for gaming, and while I would not yet suggest ac for anything else, it will do great for a wireless bridge.

    How about a cable into the attic or outside and around the outside. With anything but cable, latency can be an issue for gaming.
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