Piggyback 2 Printers and enable wifi

I'd like to know if it's possible to piggyback a non-wifi Canon MP610 to a Canon MX870 which IS wifi to enable the MP610 to become wifi....understand???

The MX870 is wireless and works well but the MP610 is not but it has some features I'd like to use and wonder if I can make it wireless with the right connection to the MX870.

Thanks, J
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  1. No you cannot piggyback on to the other printer.

  2. Thanks Emerald, Just discovered your reply. The MP610 has since gone to Heaven - apparently the most unreliable Canon printer in that they just STOP and you can spend heaps on new bits (like the printhead) without success. Judging by the number of questions 'WHY' on the net, it seems loads of users are frustrated.
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