Intel P4 - 533mhz FSB - what RAM?

Forgive me for this basic question but, I'm new to this. I'm thinking of buying an intel P4 and would like to know what memory to use in order to capitalise on the 533mhz front side bus. I'm guessing that intel uses DDR ram and the only DDR ram speeds I can see are 266mhz, 333mhz and 400mhz.

Again I apologise for my lack of knowledge. :)
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  1. It depends on what motherboard you get, the intel 845,850 chipsets use RDRAM which is expensive but IMO better. DDR is a cheaper way to go, I suggest Asus motherboard, you can goto their website and look at all of their P4 boards.
  2. Oh I think I see - so to get max performance (533mhz system bus) you'd use the 1066mhz RAMBUS Memory?? Likwise RDRAM 800 for a 400mhz system bus???

    Is the faster ram clock the only advantage to using RAMBUS memory?
  3. Yes. Dual Channel PC2100 would also be ideal, except that the Intel 7205 chipset that uses it seems a bit unoptimized, and there are no reviews yet on the SiS655.

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  4. Yes do not buy any mobos right now...wait for either the sis 655 or the next intel offer....right now the granite bay doesnt offer the performance it should and a rambus solution will hurt you on future upgrades since the future chipsets are based on dual ddr platforms....a dual ddr400 or 333 would be ideal.....if you are impatient a good solution would be to purchase a cheap intel 845pe mobo (albatron pevpro $85.00) with 2 sticks of pc3500 and use it until you want to upgrade to a new mobo that supports dual ddr 400
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