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FS: VHS Videos becoming outdated copy to CD with this soft..

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May 14, 2005 12:32:55 AM

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"Auctionstop" <> wrote in message
> See our store for available softeware to do this:
> Find this and more at our fully searchable EBAY shop:
> For Children's Games, Educational, Language & Recreational Software

Its not quite that simple. Copying VHS to "CD" (sic) requires a Video
Capture Card + Software. Besides, copying VHS to "CD" is sooooo 1990s. Get
with the 21st Century, we're all doing DVDs now....

sorry to rain on your parade, just a>you yourself are already
obsolete/outdated, and b>I do this to everyone, not just you, so don't cry
about it or else we'll go round and round (you won't be the first and you
certainly won't be the last) so don't sweat. :)