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Hopefully somebody can help me out. I've had Windows XP Home edition for about 2 months now. Everything is great except for one thing that is killing me. Every once in a while I'll load a program, which I assume is incompatible, and on boot up, the system goes into an automatic checkdisk and when is finished, reboots and starts again. It is a vicious cycle I haven't been able to figure out. The problem is that I have to re-format and start again. Its happened about 5 times now and I'm about to throw my system out the window.

This happens after I install a program and the system asks me to restart the computer. On boot-up I never see windows again. The weird thing is that it just happened again when I downloaded the latest windows XP updates. I was completely up to date with all updates and the system had been working fine for about three weeks now.

Please help. I can't figure this one out. My only thought is that the disk might be bad, even though for a while it seems everything is ok.
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  1. wow thats weird, i have XP professional, i have never had one simple problem at all, What are you actually installing....??

    could be a bad Copy of Home Edition....

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  2. Well at first I was having problems with Easy CD Creator 4.0 until I found out it wasn't compatible with XP. So I bought 5.0 and the problems continued until I found out that I need to leave Take Two, which is a back-up program within CD Creator, uninstalled because it wasn't compatible. So then everything seemed ok until I tried another program I can't remember. And the latest incident was with the latest XP updates.

    The problem is that it won't even give me a chance to get back to windows to run the compatablity wizard. It just keeps looping doing a checkdisk and rebooting, over and over again.

    I know some people who have XP and they said they have never had this happen, even though they have loaded several programs that weren't compatible.
  3. Whatever you do...


    You must download and install the latest updates for XP before you reboot the computer, otherwise you'll have the problem you're having right now.. hehe. The latest updates also remove Take Two from the system; which they said has caused a lot of problems that they apparently don't know how to fix... considering they get rid of it... heh

    Give this a try and let us know how it goes... good luck!

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  4. I had a problem similer to this when I made a clean install of windows XP Pro and NTFS format. I worked on it for days until I finally made a new clean install with FAT32 format. Since then my system has been as stable as a rock. It's been running now since November 2001 without even a hiccup.

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  5. Well I finally got someone at microsoft who actually knew his product. This guy was great.

    The first part of the problem is such an easy fix, you guys won't even believe it. Windows XP home edition has an option within its properties which automatically reboots every time it finds a problem. For some stupid, unknown reason, which even the Microssoft tech couldn't explain, XP checks this option on as a default. Remove the check as it serves no good purpose what so ever. This will allow you to fix any problems within the windows environment instead of constantly rebooting.

    Unbelievable, 7 re-formats and 8 calls (within the last month) to microsoft later, I find out the my problem is caused by a simple check mark setting. WHY DO WE LOVE THESE THINGS SO MUCH ANYWAY????
  6. Quote:
    I had a problem similer to this when I made a clean install of windows XP Pro and NTFS format. I worked on it for days until I finally made a new clean install with FAT32 format. Since then my system has been as stable as a rock. It's been running now since November 2001 without even a hiccup.

    i must say, that a fat32 install is the way to go. My sys running very nicely. And also guys if you have multiple hard drives, for gods sake do a ghost of youre system. It only takes a few minutes to do, and then you wont have to reinstall the other bullshit again.

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  7. Hey mbs Im having sort of the same problem. When I boot up it just takes me to where it asks if I want to start in safe mode, load my last known good config, or start windows normally. Then no matter what I pick it just reboots. So Im wondering where this option to stop it from rebooting is. Im guessing I have to reinstall windows and uncheck the option from windows config. Anyways please let me know what parts to uncheck and where to find this stuff, thanks.
  8. It has always been the default setting since Win2K. Usually when you get a stop error, you must reboot the computer... so Microsoft in their infinite wisdom decided to allow the OS to do this automatically. The problem is of course when you DO get a stop error, in a lot of cases the memory dump and reboot happens so fast that you can't read what caused the error...

    I didn't have any problems installing EasyCD Creator 5... but I can't remember whether I rebooted before installing the update or not.

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  9. Quote:
    Anyways please let me know what parts to uncheck and where to find this stuff, thanks.

    system properties/advanced/startup&recovery/settings, take the tick out of automatically restart

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  10. WOW! Thanks for that tip!!! I've changed this setting on my work computer (WIN2K) and will change on both home computers (XP and WIN2K) this evening.

    I want to say thanks again for the posters on this one because as can be seen this might save you a LARGE headache one day!

  11. No !! You don't have to reformat and re-install. There is a nice recovery option in XP. Set your BIOS to boot from your CD-ROM first and have the XP CD in the CD-ROM. This will bring you t the blue set-up screen. After the CD Loads you will have three options, the second being to repair windows XP. Choose that. It will then take you to the Windows XP Recovery Console (which is in DOS mode) and it will ask you which windows you will be repairing. Type in the corresponding number and then type in the administrator password if there is one. You should get a c:\windows prompt.

    At this prompt type in cd_system32/config. This should give you a c:\windows\system32\config prompt. Now your interested in copying two particular files from your CD to your windows folder. System and Software. There are actually five crucial files altogether (System, Software, Sam, Security and Default) But if you only use the two mentioned above, your system should come back to the last working state. It was great I only lost one day worth of internet temp files and that's it. It was as if I never went down. It takes about 10 min. to complete it sure beats 4 hours of re-loading everything.

    Good luck
  12. Forgive me for asking, but i am having the same problem and it is driving me insane! I have looked through the XP CD and can not find those files. It is XP pro though, does that make a difference? Also tried copying the system and software files from the c:/windows/repair but on boot up got a message that the files were missing or corrupt.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi,I have the same problem. But I have another method to solve it.
    1. Description of the problem.
    It was found during run final reality.
    The unit restart automatically again and again in Windows XP. When entering into XP interface, the unit will diplay blue screen just moment then it will restart. But it can run in Windows ME normally. It cannt solve after i change hard disk. The problem is found during runing final reality.
    2. Analysis and action of the problem.
    I consider it maybe erro about display. The unit was normal after I change the North Bridge. But I don't know the root cause.
    Did you find the same problem
    Thanks and best regards.
  14. Sorry, I do not know if Windows XP Pro uses the same interface. I have Windows XP Home edition and ever since the last call I made to Microsoft as mentioned in the previous messages, I have loaded several compatible and incompatable programs without a problem.

    I'd have to say that I would think that Pro would at least have a recovery Console of some kind. If not, maybe its a bad disk??? Sorry that's my best guess.

    Good luck
  15. I luckily have not encountered this problem with WinXP pro, On older OS versions, just a few seconds before the unwanted restart, hold down any key or key combination, the system may send a stuck key error and bring up a menu with more options than you have now. Example - Reboot - continue - Run scandisk(checkdisk) - etc. This solution can be completely reliant on your hardware make. Not a highly technical solution but better than a mallet.

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  16. Thankyou for the replies. I think that i should clarify a little. I can get into the recovery console, but from there do not seem to be able to find the "software" or "system" files refered to in the above posts. Also even if i try safe mode the computer automatically re-boots. Unfortunately i think that the only remaining option will be to re-install.
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