Can't connect to DVR Remotely

Hey guys, I got a bit of a technical problem with my DVR networking.

Devices used:
Telstra USB 4g Sierra 320U Aircard
Netcomm NB16WV - ADSL2+ Wireless N Modem Router with VoIP
TECHview 4 Channel H.264 Camera Kit Model No QV -3032

The Goal:
We're trying to view the DVR over the wireless 4g network. We have the 320U Aircard connected to the Router and we're able to access the internet. We have DDNS set up in the router for the host name "".

I have gone into the Router with the IP address "" and configured the device, we forwarded ports 80, 9000 and 18004 to the IP address of the DVR "" And we also added our dynDNS details in the router.

I set the the DVR with a static IP address to "" and rebooted everything. I was then able to access the DVR via a Local Connection. But when I tried to access the DVR via "" It would not connect.

Is there anything I've done wrong, does anyone have a solution for my problem? I assume it's something simple I'm missing.
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