Creative Labs Audigy 2 Question?

Hi guys,

Happy new year everyone =D.

I had a quick question regarding the Creative Labs Audigy 2 sound card and was hoping I could get some feedback! =D

I went out tonight to the store and bought the Audigy 2 sound card. I was staring hard at the Audigy 1 and was wondering if I should have gotten that instead? Or does it doesnt really matter.. the price wasnt really a difference so it was no big deal, the audigy 1 was $99 and the audigy 2 was $129..

I was reading reviews here and there, this and that, but it never really answered my specific questions.

The way I am setup, I am running on these old speakers, Creative Labs Cambridge SoundWorks FPS2000 Digital if anyone is familiar with them? Connected to my Sound Blaster LIVE... I am not sure what version but it is pretty old.. in some review somewhere I read in a magazine, the writer suggested using the Creative Labs 6.1 6600 speakers wih the audigy 2, but when I saw it was only 120 watts total, it turned me away.. and its not even digital! Ive come to love my digital sound espesically with my old speakers that are digital..

in addition, a friend got me those expensive triport Bose headphones which totally rock, and I was wondering if the sound card would enhance it even more?

Should I have gotten the Audigy 1 over the Audigy 2? Or am I talking gibberish? since the audigy 2 is just like the audigy 1 but more power/stuff/etc etc?.. hehe which is the case most of the time? =D

So what should I do? I havent installed the card yet, It is still in its retail box. I dont intend to purchase any major speaker system anytime soon. Will the audigy 2 sound card work good with my Creative Labs FPS2000 Digital speaker system?

It is a 4-speaker system with sub connected to a digital din.

Would this be okay? Will I be using the power of the audigy 2 or should I just go return this sound card and wait longer until I can purchase a better speaker system?

Thanks for any advice guys, I apologize for any ramblings and continous babble.. =D


P.S. The majority of the time I would be using the Bose headphones instead of my speaker system since I usually use my PC real late at night so purchasing an expensive speaker system wouldnt really feel right, when I know I wont use it as much as I would the headphones..
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  1. First off, if the 30 dollar difference doesn't bother you, then Yes, the audigy 2 is a great card to have. There isn't THAT much of a difference other than the price, and the THX logo, in simple. In more words and specs, there is a pretty big difference, but nothing that a non-audiophile would ever care about, or understand, or even hear.

    Ok, about the speaker setup. Yah, the speakers are a lil-dated, but you will get a little better sound out of those speakers even with this card.

    It's the same with Home theater equipment. If you pair a set of $9000 speakers with a sony receiver that you got at walmart, you'll hear decent sound, but nowhere near great.. You'll only hear how much better the speakers will sound when you pair them with a NICE receiver that puts out more wattage to the speakers. At that point you're opening up the full potential of your equipment.

    In your case, you have "ok" speakers. You had, I'm sure, an "ok" sound card, and now you have a really nice one. In short, It'll sound much better because the audigy does produce clearer channels. It may sound totally the same. I don't know cause I do not have that particular setup, but I'm betting it will sound just a bit better.

    Yes, if you paired it with some Nice Klipsch, you'll be blown away, but I think it'll crank them up a bit more. Maybe not to much without crackling them a bit, but a bit more non-the-less :)

    Oh, and this can absolutely be proved with your Headphones. Before you install that card, listen to a favorite song or some movie, with your headphone on. Then put the card in. You'll hear a difference.
    That answers the questions about the headphones. You'll absolutely benefit from the headphones with the soundcard. Those are Nice headphone. I've used a pair before. With the extras that the audigy gives you, you'll stretch those headphones to their full potential.

    So to answer your question in whole. Yes, install the card. If you're not worried about the money, then why not? It's a good card. You may not notice a damn thing, but I'm almost positive there will be changes across the board. Any audiofreak would hear the difference. Are you an AudioFreak? :) If so, go for it. If not, go for it anyway :)

    The 4 speaker setup will work with the card. yes. No worries there.

    If but for nothing else, I would keep the card for what it'll open up in the headphones. It'll be nice. When you're ready to set up a home theater on your PC, you'll have the right card for it. At that point go pick up some Klipsch 5.1s, and you'll really feel the difference.

    Good Luck.

    Hope my ramble helps. I speak from what I have, and I enjoy what I do have everyday :)

    <b>If it aint broke, then hell, you aint looking at it in the right frame of mind!</b>
  2. Why would you waste $9000.00 speakers on any reciever?! hehe

    the Prisoner

    I'm not a number, I'm a free man! :mad:
  3. I'm old school :)

    <b>If it aint broke, then hell, you aint looking at it in the right frame of mind!</b>
  4. Awesome!!!! Thanks for the much antipapted feedback of the day for me, haha.. I rushed home from work just to see if anybody replied to my post.. hehe.. Thanks again, you've helped a lot!

    So how much are those Kilpsh 5.1 speakers? I saw some speakers called Megaworks or something that is a 500 watt system is that one good?

    anyways! you are right!, make sense to keep it and use it haha.. YOU ROCK! Thanks again for such a good reply. =D

    thanks again Mindcrime =D

  5. No problem.

    I hope you do benifit from your choice. I'm very interested in knowing if you actually do hear the difference, so please keep me informed. I'm sure you will, but I'd like to get your opinion after you hear it.

    I haven't personally tried the Megaworks. I did look over the specs, and it looks pretty good.

    The satellite rating do surpass the Klipsch speakers by 10 watts, but it's the base that Klipsch sports that is truly unique. While the megaworks says it'll deliver 150 watts to the sub, the klipsch will actually deliver 170. That ontop of the "burst" capability of 500 watts, which is insane. It's the richest PC subwoofer I've ever heard. It'll give your music a richness and depth that rivals many home stereo setups, while giving you gut jerking base in those action DVDs. Very very nice.

    THe klipsch will run you about $399 standard, but can be found for as little as $369 if you keep your eye out. I have the 5.1s and they are astounding. Truly. I couldn't recommend a better speaker setup for a PC with them paired with your new audigy.

    Well, good luck!

    <b>If it aint broke, then hell, you aint looking at it in the right frame of mind!</b>
  6. haha no problem, will do! I havent installed it yet, it is still in its retail box brand new, haha.. Ive been swamped with work and all that haha.. I am pretty sure, well actually 100% sure I will notice a huge difference, my sound card is the old SB LIVE, not even the 5.1 sound blaster live but the one before it, one of the first SB LIVEs.. hahaha =D

    Ill keep you informed when I do install it, I will most likely do it this weekend! Thanks again MindCrime. Always much apprecitated for the feedback!

  7. No, old school is running mono tube amps! :)

    Buy separates, better sound and easier to upgrade.

    Have fun,

    the Prisoner

    I'm not a number, I'm a free man! :mad:
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