I just built my new rig and everything is attached to my SSD. How do I get my Desktop and all that to become my HDD? I only want my SSD to be used for OS and whatever I manually put there.
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  1. Sounds like you need to look at disk cloning software.
    I use a commercial product, but have a look for a good freeware solution:
  2. you dont want to clone your ssd to the HDD. I think you just want to uninstall your apps from C:\program files and instead install them again to D:\Program Files
  3. How did you end up "attaching" everything to the SSD??? :)

    Your desktop and all the other bare necessities are a part of the OS, even though you can customize the life out of them.
    The only things that you need to change or change paths of to save space on the SSD maybe stuff like the Location of My Documents, Outlook etc etc
    Also by default most programs install on the C drive, that is something that is fine with programs but for games it's a different story.
    You can change the path of the installed files by directing the installation program to a different path on another drive while in the process of installation, for My Docs and outlook, you can easily change their Paths by right-clicking on the My Docs folder and redirecting it to a new one and for outlook , by changing the Data Folder in options.
  4. What I ended up doing was changing the location of all my library contents. I just moved everything and altered the path. I also made sure chrome prompted me on my download location before the file actually downloaded. Now If I want to have anything in my SSD Ill do it manually.
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