China to build base in Pakistan

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  1. Yea, just wait til they try to fly those jets over soveriegn Pakistani soil!
  2. ^ :lol: so true!
  3. Britain rules Pakistan. We play them at cricket and we all know nice Pakistani people in England so don't worry.
  4. I'm not sure why, but the prospect of the Chinese building a military base in Pakistan reminded me of the Library building at my high school. We called it 'the Beaver Shot Palace'. Had we thought about, the 'Lick Library' would have worked too.
  5. At this point it may be a bluff. The Chinese are "testing the waters" to see how tense things really are between Pakistan and the US. If things get worse and a "reset" doesn't occur though, it wouldn't shock me to see them actually follow through with it.
  6. And then the US will cut their foreign aid program to Pakistan ... and the Chinese can start providing them with foreign aid ...

    Like that is going to happen eh?

    This is just rhetoric ...
  7. If we stop giving aid to Fatkistan, the chinese can take care of those brats and later in 10 years come visit us here in the US and ask us:" How did you guys do it?"
  8. Agreed. As far as I'm concerned, the Chinese can have them. Then they can try and keep both Pakistan and India from nuking each other to dust.
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