Power Supply change physical size?

My computer is a Gateway system, about 2 years old and yesterday I purchased an Enermax 350W whisper PS. The damn thing won't fit in my case, it's about an inch too wide. I've spent today searching around the net at a few different PS manufacturers and they all seem to be about 5.9" wide (my old one is 5").

So... did all PS's change size somewhere along the line or is my original PS just a non-standard size? Basically I want to know if I need to buy a new case or if I should be able to find a PS that fits in my case (only have a week to take back the enermax).
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  1. Some (no clue if all) OEMs use their own spec designed power supply/case/motherboard, to me it's more to make people buy their stuff instead of others.

    Your Enermax is normal size, if your plugs match the rest of your stuff (like motherboard mostly) then you can buy another case if you want. Unless there is change on the motherboards screw holes and will not match the case (cases have the same screw setup at the same places, except maybe OEM ones).

    You started to build your own, power supply, case, keep going and you'll never need to ask questions like this one because your parts will be normal (fit together). :D

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  2. Most likely gateway, like other OEM companies, deviate from the ATX specs so you HAVE to use their replacement parts instead of generic ones.

    Consider yourself lucky you dont have a dell! They go one step worse and use the same motehrboard power connector but wire it and the motherboard up differently!!!

    Personally i would get a new case, it will probably be cheaper than getting a "gateway approved" (read: expensive) psu and you wont have the same problem in the future!

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  3. You have to be careful. Some of the motherboard from OEM is not standard. You will not be able to put the motherboard into a standard ATX case.
  4. You need to make the hole larger to fit-Gateway went to a narrower than standard power supply in around 1997 or 1998. You don't need a new case, in fact many Gateway cases had the smaller hole but a second set of screwholes for the larger supply, using the larger supply means cutting a notch for the power plug connector.

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