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I have a NetgearWNDR4000 router. I also have about a dozen wireless devices connecting to it including 4 DirecTV receivers (1 whole home DVR and three regular receivers). Almost every device is connected to my router wirelessly. But I have a Seagate cloud drive connected via hard wire and a OpenELEC XBMC media server connected as a direct connect. Yet my DirecTV boxes show up on my Netgear Genie Router page as being hard wired to the router along with my Seagate drive, but my OpenELEC media server doesn't show up and displays an IP address of 169.x.x.x and not the standard 192.168.x.x normally for a home network.

Any ideas anyone? I am a complete loss.
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  1. The Netgear device has no way to distinguish between hard wired and wireless devices on your network.

    A 169.x.x.x address means that device was not issued an address by your router.
  2. So I have tried restarting the router and the device. Because it is running OpenELEC, I have no way of changing any network settings on the media server box. Any ideas on how I can get a "normal" IP address assigned? Also, when I reviewed the items that WERE listed under my Netgear Admin screen, I could not find an item connected to it with the media server's MAC address, yet I have no problem with it getting out to the Internet nor do I have problems connecting to it via other devices on my wireless network.
  3. OpenELEC is simply a small Linux distribution, so the MUST be a way to check settings.

    However, getting that address usually means these is no physical connection to your router, so check the cable.
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