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Hello All. i currently have a Microsoft Optical Intellimouse. I am also running Windows 98SE. I have knoticed that in order to be able to use the side buttons, I must be running the intellipoint software. At school, we have the same mouses, but running with Windows XP. It seems that in Windows XP, the foward and backward buttons are still functional even without the intellipoint software. Is this true? I will be upgrading to Windows 2k soon and wonder if it offers the same level of compatibility with the mouse.

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  1. I have an intel explorer 3.0 optimouse and it runs fine with or without the drivers under win2k, at least for all the simple mouse functions (including back and forward)
    Of course, its allways a good idea to install the latest drives to get access to all of its extra functionallity and to tweak its settings.

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  2. The mouse will be more flexible if you install the software. You can change the funtion of the mouse buttons. There is no reason not to install it.
  3. lazyness is always a good reason!

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  4. Deja vu!
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