PCI Tv Tuner Cards and Windows xp= Freezing...HELP

im running Windows XP Pro SP1...I have an agp tnt2 32mb, a d-link nic card, sounblaster sound card, an elitegroup mobo with athlon 1ghz, 392mb sdram....i had no problems with freezing until i installed a pci all in wonder 128 16mb...then i would have freezing after about 15 minutes when using that card, or when i was using my agp card i would have random freezing. I use Snapstream for capturing, and would have constant freezing when that was recording, or any or kind of caputring software such as Win VCr and a few others. I then bought a wintv pci card and reformated. I still have the same problems...not quite as often but often though. When snapstream is used i get freezing, or if im doing something that might cause the cpu to work, such as rendering mpg files, some certian games also cause my machine to freeze. I also get random freezes when doing the normal Pc stuff like surfing, listening to music, etc. is there anyone else that can relate to my problem and if so, is there anyway to correct this. I'm not running any antivirus in the background. I have all the latest drivers for my hardware. When I check the event viewer, I notice the acpi and service control manager errors around when the time i get the freezing. if there is anyone else that is sharing this problem you know how annoying and frustrating this is...thanks..
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  1. I have just found the problem with my ATI 8500DV card doing the same thing. I have an ASUS motherboard with an ALI chipset. Apparently the ALI chips have problems with TV cards... (according to ATI) Anyway, the only recourse for me is to get another video card, or system board (requiring reinstall of XP of course...)
    Check your chipset to see if it's ALI. If so, that's probably the cause...

  2. I had similar problems with an ATI TV Wonder card in a Gateway 700XL with an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro video card. The TV display would freeze after a few minutes. Never did get it to work, so I took it back and got an AverTV Stereo card. Now the TV works great..., but I cannot record or time-shift. Every time I try, I get an error message and the program shuts down. Tried every solution that AverMedia comes up with..., but still no recording. So...., now I have just an expensive TV. I think it may have something to do with the Radeon drivers. If anyone has any solutions, I'd be most appreciative to hear them.
  3. Hey to ProAam500, ServerDaemon, & Comrade53,

    Some interesting notes on this subject. Had an Abit VT6X4 mobo (almost 4 yrs old) w/ a 933 MHz PIII and a Voodoo3 PCI 2000 video card. Bought a Creative Labs Personal VCR TV card. It would always crash my system when i tried to multitask. That was in Win98. Went to WinXP and same thing. Thought it might be an incompatabilty. Worked with Creative, even sent the board back. NO Problems they said. But they sent me a new card anyway. Decided to upgrade my video card to an AGP card. Bought a Radeon 8500. Crap. Esp the drivers. ON the second try i thought i'd go for compatability. So I bought an Abit Siluro Geforce4 TI 4200 (64 MB) {Liked the faster ram}. But again same problem. Worked w/ ABit. No solutions. Sent the card back and they said they even tried it on the same mobo (I wonder). Anyway got sick of the whole thing. In talking to some people over all this time (almost a year) I heard about similar incompatabilities with others and their TV cards. Also some mentioned that they thoguht the processor was to slow to handle all this computing (running programs and watching TV). Anyway all this went away when this Jan I ordered a new Dell Dimension 8250 w/ a 3.06 GHz P4 Hyper Threading CPU and the new PC1066 RAmbus ram. (Couldn't even build it for cheaper money than what i paid) Hooking up 2 monitors now (as i treid before) is no problem. Although the computer doesn't crash now ESP WHEN MULTITASKING, The TV program (same creative card) will blow out (end program window comes up and the program will shut down nicely ... every now and then.) But it mostly works fine. My conclusion? These things (TV cards) aren't quite ready for today's systems/software ... not even WinXP pro. But ... my hope is for an HDTV card! How do u like them apples!

    Any Q's feel free to e-mail me.\

    Shiva D
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