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I do IT work for a nursing home, and have run into an issue. We have a Verizon T1 line providing internet for our backoffice network. On this network, we have 4 network printers that are shared between the facility. We recently opted to go with new web based software that neccesitates a high speed internet connection, and 12 wireless devices across the building. We signed a contract with Comcast Business Class internet, so that in the event of an external failure with one ISP, we would have the other offer redundancy with the new wireless router.

It has now become clear that our nurses that are on the Comcast wireless network, now need to print from their wireless devices regularly. At the time this is obviously not possible, because the network printers are only on our backoffice network. Buying a wireless inkjet printer is out of the question. How can I make this happen? All of the printers have a local static IP on our backoffice network (Verizon). I have heard of software that will essentially send the print job to another computer, which would relay the print job to the designated printer. I have not had any luck finding such software. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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    how about a computer with two network cards (one for each network). the computer needs to belong to the Comcast network domain/workgroup.

    give the computer static IPs but only the Comcast network card should have a gateway.

    install the drivers for the printers and share the printers. you should be able to see them on the Comcast network
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