Is it possible to RAID 1 an entire server composed of about 5 virtual machines?

Hello all,

I have about four severs, each of them running Hyper-V software (forgive me if I seem inexperienced at this, these kinds of servers are brand new to me) managing a number of virtual servers. Is it possible for me to do a RAID 1 for backup purposes on the entire server, or will a RAID 1 only function on one VM? Or at all?

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  1. RAID 1 is not a backup solution, but you can certainly RAID the main host drive and that will mirror it (but NOT back it up).
  2. So if the primary drive fails and the mirrored is in place, would it automatically read from the mirrored drive with no "hitch"?
  3. Maybe, maybe not; it depends on the type of failure and your RAID controller.
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