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We are in a black hole as far as internet connections go the best we can get is 3mb down 700 kb up. Is there a device where two or more dsl lines can be bonded like the old pri isdn lines? Any help would greatly appreciated.
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  1. You need a load balancing router with two WAN inputs.
  2. You've never set one up, have you?

    For instance, using a Netgear Prosafe firewall you can use 2 seperate lines. The best you can hope for is load balancing (eg: smtp on one, web on another) or failover. You cannot "shotgun" the 2 lines.

    A sonicwall will give you similar functionality.

    You cannot "bond" the 2 lines in the manner you are eluding to.
  3. True, you cannot actually bond two ADSL lines, but what most people really want is to automatically use both lines, and a load balancing router will do that seamlessly. . .
  4. Check Bonding of up to 6 DSL lines. You can even stack the routers.
  5. Bonding requires a special setup on the ISP's end also. Most ISP's will not do this unless you have a business account and it can be expensive. Without your ISP's cooperation, the best you can hope for is load balancing.
  6. In The Netherlands XS4ALL offers it as a service based on Viprinet:
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