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Can't stream youtube videos, even at 240p

January 24, 2013 12:27:41 AM

Hey everyone,
I'm having trouble streaming YouTube videos. It used to be that I could stream 720p videos no problem, but for the past month now I've been having appalling buffering times and can't even go 30 seconds without pausing to buffer a video, even at 240p!! What is happening? I haven't changed any settings on my end and it doesn't seem to be because of throttling since this happens at all hours of the day.

YouTube says in the past month my average video speed has been 2.73Mbps while my ISP's average is 7.41Mbps, so what's going on here? When I watch a video and right click on show video info, it fluctuates from 70kbps to 1000kbps. says my download speed is 5.99Mbps but that sounds about right so, nothing unusual there.

Also other wedbsites like netflix and even the IGN video player I can stream HD video no problem. Not even a single pause for buffering. I have also reinstalled adobe flash player 11.5.502.146 which, to my knowledge, is the latest version of the software.

Any help would be appreciated!