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how fast can u clock pc2100

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January 9, 2003 5:15:49 AM

This is kind of an overclocking question but about memory so i thought I'd ask it here. I have a gigabyte 7vaxp motherbaord and it has a stick of 128MB PC2100 DDR mem in it. The mobo fsb can be 100, 133 or 166 MHz. Everything works fine at 133 BUT when you change it to 166 it crashs every now and again. I don't know but my guess is the memory is the weakest link because the agp and pci buses stay at 66 and 33 but the mem clock speed goes up to 166 with the fsb. So the question is how fast can you clock the memory?

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January 9, 2003 8:54:09 AM

Hi miketek.

My first impression is that you are right. My second is, if you plan to overclock your computer, do it by little steps, not by big jumps!

I've two 256 modules in my system. With agressive timings (in BIOS), it can reach up to 145, but nothing more. I have to relax it if I want to go further. How I know it?

Well, my "methodology" (in fact, the general):

a) Rise the FSB 3 points and test everything runs ok.
b) If all ok, rise again a little bit until you find your limit.
c) Once you are at your maximum, decreasing your timings in BIOS will give you probably a more reliable system and the ability to raise more the FSB.

Hope this helps.

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January 10, 2003 1:14:40 AM

it's cool i figured it out after reading another post

2100 is the bandwidth

bus speed*bus width*bits/ cycle = bandwidth
at 133 fsb
which is close to 2100 hence it works

but at 166
which is way more than 2100, hence comp crashes

so what i need is pc2700 ram
and it should work
is this right?
January 10, 2003 1:19:38 AM

cant change multipler -it's locked (athlon 1600xp). well unlock it i here you say.....yes i plan to try soon.

i have this prog that tells me processor info and it says the cpus max speed it 2800.

by the way, your sig kicks a$$