Accton MR3306A 802.11n SOHO AP/Router

Hi Everyone

We cleaned out our cupboard at work recently. I found this router in there: Accton MR3306A 802.11n SOHO AP/Router
It is brand new and was still sealed in its original packaging, but did not accompany any documentation. There is no sticker at the bottom.

The default IP is:

Now to my question. What is the default username & password?

I have tried almost everything that i could think of.

username: admin, Admin, administrator, Administrator, blank

password: password, 1234, 0, 0000, Admin, epicrouter, qwerty

I have tried googling this but havent had any success.

Could someone maybe point me in the right direction?
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  1. The only Accton I came across was a different model and was blank, blank. I've seen a few others that they sold through others like SMC and they have proprietary passwords like SMC/SMC.

    Good luck on this one.
  2. thank you for your response. I did not get into it. I just gave up and tossed it in the trash. was hoping to use it, but not worth spending more time on it.

    /close thread please
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