I have 15 systems on my LAN - 7 wired & 8 wireless. I have given them static


I have 15 systems on my LAN/WAN network. 8 wired through a switch, and 7 wireless. I have a net gear wireless router which acts as my internet gateway and through which I have allotted static IP addresses to all the systems. Since all systems have access to internet, there is lot of unauthorized and excess usage. I wish to limit internet connection only to some systems and block internet connection in others without effecting their access to the LAN. These systems which I want to block must be able to continue access to shared resources across other systems in the network but not get internet connection. Please help.


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    Your router's firewall settings could be adjusted to restrict individual machines access at certain times of day, if that's any help.
  2. Out of the 15 systems, I gave fixed IP allotments (thorught the router) of to to the 8 systems to which I wanted to permit the internet connection. Then I blocked "http" and "ssl" services to all IPs from to Now my problem is solved.
  3. That's the best way to do it - well sorted.
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