Extend wireless Signal/Range to Granny Flat

how do i extend wireless range and increase signal to granny flat for internet? from the modem to the granny flat about 15m+, i tested it with my laptop get 3 green signal and on inSSID get around 74+ RSSI but with Asus-n13 and mini Tp Link wireless USB adapter get above 79-80 RSSI. don't know why but i get signal for surfing internet on laptop but randomly get drop out. household gave me $200 to improve the signal....
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  1. what kind of router do do have?

    how many walls and what are they made of?

    Laptops get usually better reception than desktop devices.

    depending on what the capability of the router I would try either one of these


  2. the household on the main house have Billion 7800n, 3 straight wall on main house and 2 straight wall on granny flat...i haven't tried anything else yet.

    don't know why but with Laptop wireless get better signal and decent for internet but not for things like youtube.
  3. get one of the two extenders listed on top and place it by the third wall half way between the router and granny
  4. thanks, i might try that...

    i got $200 in my hand to increase wireless signal, is there better one to increase signal?
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