Is my CD-ROM drive dead?

I have a OEM CD-ROM drive. The hardware profile shows that it's a "Standard CD-ROm/F5B". While I was installing Silent Hill 2 PC version and suddenly the system hang. When I pushed the eject button, it just gave no response so I pushed the reset button and during the rebooting I manage to get my CD out of the drive. After that the problem arise. Whenever I insert a CD, the drive just reject the disk. Any disk (CD-ROM, Audio CD, Video CD etc)inserted will be ejected. Windows shows no error. I've tried removing the driver and reinstall it but it just does not function anymore. So could anyone tell me what is the problem?

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  1. Well you could try cleaning the optics with a cd cleaner. If that doesnt work i would summise that your drive has died.

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