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I recently put a new hardrive into my laptop...the last one crashed. I cant watch dvd's or listen to cd's on my laptop now. I have the drive and can hear the disc spinning, but nothing comes up on the screen?

Also, it's a 500 GB internal hardrive, right, but i"m only able to use 250 GB on the C: drive and nothing on the D:drive...please help so I can use all my 500 GB!

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  1. Did you reinstall the OS when you fitted the new disk? If so, did you install the hardware drivers required for your computer?
    Also, Windows XP (and Vista if I recall correctly), don't support DVD playback natively, that is, you'll need a DVD/Audio codec to play DVDs.

    Have you formatted drive D? Have a look in the disk management software (right click "Computer" then select "Manage", then click "Disk Management". Look for unallocated space on your 500gb disk. Windows 7 has partitioning software built in. You'll be able to resize the disk this way. If you are running XP or Vista, you'll need a 3rd party tool such as Paragon Partition Magic. I believe there is a free version on their site.
  2. To view a DVD you need to buy a special codec. It's not included in the OS.
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