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Dual Band WiFi Adapter

This may be a dumb question but I'm not very familiar with how all this works..i just built my first pc and need an adapter to connect my pc to WiFi. I'm looking at the Intel advanced n-6205 pci card but i noticed it's dual band and i don't believe my netgear router is, will this card still work with my router or do i have to get a single band card? I'm having a hard time finding good reviews for anything other then the dual band ones. Any suggestions would really help, thank you!

Also, everything in my system is amd, does that matter with this card? Again, I'm new sorry lol
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  1. a dual band card will work with a single band router
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    With the router that you have it will send out a signal on the one band and your adaptor has two bands capability so it will pick up the signal on the band that your router is using. You just won't have the option of using a different band if the one that your router is using is not very good for your location. But your dual band adaptor will work with your single band router and maybe at some point you'll get a dual band router and then you'll have options.
  3. Awesome! Thank you very much, i probably need to update my router pretty soon anyway so that will work. Thanks again!
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