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Been having a weird problem recently, our internet normally runs around 4mb and was fine until around two months ago, when all of a sudden it started disconnecting and running really slowly. Normally around peak times, but also whenever the wife turns her laptop on.

I know what you are about to say - Virus, exactly my first thought until I also noticed that whenever this happened the noise margin started jumping, or it would lose sync and resync at around 1.5mb, with high ping times and repeated dropped packets. Turning her laptop off seemed to solve dropped packets (although would stay slow and high ping times remain)

We moved the laptop around the house and noticed this only happened when she sits on the sofa in the living room, bear in mind this sofa is a good 2 meters away from the nearest phone socket (which is not connected anyway) and works fine anywhere else, albeit in close proximity or not to the router / phone line.

We cannot fathom why this is happening and have had a ticket open with Sky who have exhausted their capacity to resolve without fixing it.

I know it's nothing to do with WiFi as this takes down my cabled PC.

I am a technician by trade and used to work in the ISP industry and have never heard of anything like this - Please help!!!!
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  1. Noise Margin etc

    ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
    Connection Speed 1856 kbps 800 kbps
    Line Attenuation 36.0 dB 23.0 dB
    Noise Margin 9.1 dB 15.0 dB
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