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Hello everyone, sorry if the titles a little confusing I'll try to clarify what I'm asking. My apartment complex provides free guest access the web through an ad-hoc mesh network, they have a little over a dozen APs throughout their property, the brand is Meraki in case anyone cared to know; well unfortunately there isn't an access point attached to my building nor the one directly across the street and that might be why my internet connection strength is so erratic. I just moved in here a few months ago and I didn't get internet from a provider so I went and bought some $20 rosewill wifi adapter from newegg. Its decent, however I just got all my parts for a new computer I'm building and I've noticed that some wifi pci cards mention something about ad-hoc networks, like they're compatible or something like that. I'd like to get other's opinions about whether I should start looking for cards which specify ad-hoc or mesh networks somewhere on the site or box. My current wifi adapter has x2 5dBi detachable directional antennas and it supports 802.11n/b/g I was looking on amazon at bigger and more powerful antennas you can buy and attach but the range in reviews from horrible to great made me want to ask around before I buy something that doesn't work. Also my current wifi adapter's frequency is 2.4-2.4835GHz and has 300Mbps data transfer rate.

Mostly I want something that is more stable, I'm a college student and I take tests online which is terribly risky if the internet goes out my test gets sent in and I get an F. And of course I would love to have faster speeds but I understand its free wifi from my apt which 100s of other people are using simultaneously.

Any suggestions or thoughts will be much appreciated.

Thank you,
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  1. I can understand why you want to use the free wireless internet thast is provided by the apartment complex, since your a student and you have classes that need to be completed and you might have a part time job to help out with expenses. I don't know your exact financial situatioin but you may have to make a decision about the internet.
    The best option that you could have is to get a laptop instead of a desktop and that way you can keep your free internet and when you have to send in a paper or test you can go to a local coffee shop or the campus library where they have better internet connection to send in your papers or tests.
    The next best option is to keep your desktop your building and get your own internet access , that way you don't have to worry about a connection with hundreds of other people.
    There maybe a third option if I can come up with one or someone else can.
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