What router or device do I need?

I have cable internet and a cable modem connect to a WRT54G. It doesn't have enough ports and I want to move its location.

I want to have cable to modem to ? ? ? then to the wireless WRT54. I do not want to have the modem to the router then to a switch.

Clear as mud?
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  1. In having a wireless network you need the cable modem to connect to a wireless router first and then if you need more outlets then you add a switch ot a wired router. If you want to add wireless connections then you can add a wireless access point to the wireless router.
    Why do you want to add a device between the modem and the router ?
  2. Hi
    Thanks for the info

    I want the switch, router, hub or whatever to be where all the cat5 is and the wireless in another room. I don't see a need to have more than one wireless access point in this house nor a range booster.

    I will have up to 3 computers, eth printer, and tv's connected to this network.
  3. As I had said if you want your computers that are connected to your internet to be protected then they have to be on your wireless network and connected to the router. If you put the switch in between the modem and the router then what ever is connected to the switch will not be on the network and protected. If that;s what you want then that's your choice to do so and you can put the wireless router after the switch.
  4. I do want everything protected. Let's forget I have a wireless network. I want this all hardwired and all I have is a cable modem, I don't have any other hardware to connect the network. I need something to connect at least 8 devices and I don't want wireless.
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