Pop up windows on this forum

It's real hard to read items on the forum since every time I move the cursor over the blue underlined word a window opens over what I'm reading.

This is probably a ad for the sponsor of the forum, but is there some way to turn them off its dang annoying?

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  1. What ad? I've never seen any ads on this forum. Oh wait that may be because I have AdBlocker Plus installed in Chrome...
  2. Yes, don't move cursor over blue underlined words.
  3. I just deal with it and give thanks that I'm enjoying such a useful site without having to pay anything, knowing that things like this don't come around from angels; but instead from a hard working entrepeneur or enthusiast.

    And every once in a while I see an ad that actually tells me something I wanted to know about.

    Also, I'm not a fidgety mouse mover/clicker. So I seldom even mouse over one.
  4. Hey Guys,

    I think I have a way to handle them now...I just grabbing them and moving them to the right side of the screenand turn off my sound...Then they can run all they want.
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