Is two really better than one?

So i have been looking at some network cards and this one has caught my eye

what i am wondering because i have slow Internet is that if i get this network card and plug two Ethernet connections in will this speed up my internet?
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  1. short answer is NO
  2. That network card would have to have the teaming option included in the cards setup and usually to have teaming you need two network cards and one of them would have to be an Intel server card that has the teaming function included. It is a complicated thing to set up and it can enhance your internet connection but you will still have the same internet speed.
  3. can you give me the long answer? its kinda interesting
  4. the card would only increase the date through put on the local network but it will not help you with the internet since that is entirely dependent on the internet connection speed you have sign up for with your ISP.

    Therefore if you sign up for 10Mb download and 1Mb upload using this network will not magically give you 20Mb download and 2 Mb upload
  5. ah ok well thanks, yeah I guess then it just gives a better bandwith?
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