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takes 20 minutes to download a 200mb file? my internet speed is 15 megabits per second. My modem is a mi424wr action tec rev 1.0. Also is there a way to make my computer pull more internet?
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  1. Have you tried a speed test to see if your actually getting the speeds you subscribed too? Also is this a torrent download or from a website?
  2. no. Also on speed test its 15.30 downloadspeed and 5.30 uploadspeed
  3. Alright that all sounds right. Your download speeds can range when downloading from websites because each website has different bandwidth, and set rates. These rates can vary especially if you are a free user vs a paid user trying to download this file. If you are downloading a torrent, your rates will depend on the uploaders connection.

    If you have any other questions on this topic feel free to shoot me back a response as i'll be more than happy to answer any further questions you may have.
  4. The downloads are from steam
  5. It has been forever since I have been on steam, but I believe that you can state your connection speed under preferences. Change it to cable, and maybe it will speed up. I would verify, but I am currently at work. It is something to try though. :-)
  6. Its at cable/fiber 10 Mbps
  7. monsterhuang said:
    Its at cable/fiber 10 Mbps

    Here is some information that I have been able to pull up... Try reading through this and see if it helps you at all.
  8. But do you know how to make a windows pc pull more internet
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    You internet provider controls how much your PC pull from the internet. About the only thing you could do is upgrade your plan. Sorry
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  11. Anyways thanks for trying to help me out
  12. No problem
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