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Hello i am in the process of setting up a vpn between two routers one being a sonicwall and the other a d link at my workplace for my boss. The purpose of the vpn is so we can access the computer at the business from his home so he can access the secuirty camera's while at home. My question is i've looked for a few ways of doing it but this will be the first time i've set up a vpn so was wondering if there was a step process to it?
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  1. Have you considered using Net Extender on the home PC? If I remember right you log into your SonicWall account go to downloads, and download Net Extender. It should set up a VPN between the PC, and the SonicWall when he is away from work. If the Sonicwall is at your workplace this should work.

    Also if he is wanting to access his Work PC when he is at home, why dont you just open a port on the firewall so he can do a RDP connection. That or make a logmein account, and use that to gain access to his work PC to view the security camera? I hope I did not read anything incorrectly, but if I did please correct me.
  2. Well i figured a vpn would be a better option for viewing a live video feed of the camera's in terms of how it comes in. I know that streaming it takes a good deal of bandwidth. Intiatially we were using team viewer but it had quite a deal of lag on it. But that could just be the bandwidth so if we upped it might be better? I'm going to try the net extender and see the outcome assuming it's free to download if it isn't then i'll have to just manually setup a vpn which i am kinda eh eh on atm i've read it and from what i see basically have to program each router with certain ip's on the rotuer home pages to make the connection.
  3. I find that RDP connections have better quality then Team Viewer. Also good luck with the Net Extender. Let me know if it works out for you.
  4. do i need to run the net extender on the home computer to so they are in the vpn or what? how would i setup the rdp connection with out that?
  5. you will setup the Net Extender on the home PC then configure the Sonicwall. Here is a guide on netextender.

    For RDP you will give the target PC at work a Static IP.

    After that you will open a port on your router.

    You will open 3389 on the router and assign it to that static ip you gave the target work PC.

    Then from home you will type the workplaces WAN IP followed by the port... example would be

    It has been some time since i have done this so forgive me if i left something out.
  6. You can look at iTwin Connect. It's a new product that works well for these kinds of applications. It's personal, so only your boss will have access. It requires a physical key, in addition to password, and the connection is encrypted, so very secure. Your boss would just leave one iTwin device plugged in at work, and carry the other device (key) with him. It's zero configuration; it just works. For full disclosure, BTW, I work at iTwin. John B.
  7. I'm using the Access Suite. It's safe and simple to make connection to any desktops I need. Try to test it for free to know the specific...
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