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Wireless connection keeps dropping out

December 8, 2012 3:15:54 AM

Recently I've had trouble with my wireless connection. Whenever I try to load up or connect to a game, my ping spikes to 2000-3000 and my wireless connection will sometimes get disconnected completely. If I alt-tab into a different process, my ping goes back down and I'm well-connected as usual, so this only happens when I try to connect to a game (for reference, I play FireFall and League of Legends, and experience this issue with both of them). I have absolutely no connectivity troubles otherwise. I've tried restarting my computer and connection, and running both games with my firewall disabled, but it didn't help. My brother plays the same games I do from the same wireless connection and has no issues, and I previously had no issues until yesterday.

I'm using an Asus PCE-N15 if that makes a difference. Thanks for any help you can give here