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I'd like to know of the best Brand (and model if you have one you'd like to share) for buying an ATX case WITH power supply. I'm looking at Antec (PLUS660AMG), and from what I've read it's pretty decent. Any others? Thanks.
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  1. Well, the Antec one is definitely a favorite, though Chieftec makes nice ones as well. You can also look at a Lian-Li (though they do not include PSU) and if you like (though these are an aquired taste) the Thermaltake cases... I can't imagine buying a seperate PSU is an issue, so you might-as-well broaden your spectrum of cases and just pick up a nice Enermax PSU afterwards for not very much... if its price you're worried about, figure-this: do you really think that the PSU's price isn't included in that of the case?? I mean, take the PSU out and get a similar case, you get a smaller price.

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  2. I also like Lian Li case a lot but you have to get a PSU separately.
  3. Enermax also make good cases and can come with good PSU's (just make sure its an enermax PSU too)

    The case i have is an atlas (superflower) SB201 black case. very cool, comes with a 400W stock PSU though, but i opted it out as i allready had an enermax.

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  4. just got the 660amg from antec and am extremely pleased with it. Easy installation, good TruePower PSU. I am, of course, biased but I say go for it.

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  5. Check out the 1080AMG Truepower too. Nice case!

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