Wifi hot spot and internet server

hello everybody

here is the situation:

1- i can access to the internet via wifi at home

2- the access point ( (HG520b) is directly conected to internet

3- this access point is configured as router

4- i installed apache and php on my laptop (192.168.1.x)

5- i dont have any static ip or dns server installed

what i did was to configure apache to listen to my internet ip (not the network ip).
i called a freind and i made him request my internet ip to try access my web server.

but i didn't work.

the question:

can use my laptop as web server accessible from internet and how ?

N.B. the HG520b supports NAT/firewall technology and here is the product description.

thank you at advance
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  1. did you do a port forward on the router?

    since you do not have a static IP on the router you could use DDNS
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