Max expected wireless speed for 50 Mbps wired speed?

I just upgraded to FiOS 50/25 wireless. I was disappointed to discover I only get that speed when wired. Wireless speeds have been averaging 15 down / 20 up. Should I expect this much of a drop-off from wired to wireless?

I know wireless is supposed to always be slower than wired - but when I had Comcast I was on the 20/5 plan - and that's exactly what I got (wireless).

I have the Verizon Actiontec modem/router, if that matters.

Thanks for any guidance. PS I am not a techie, so English please!
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  1. It is true that wireless can be slower but with the newer routers and the N band it should be faster , however it's interesting that your getting a higher upload than download.
    The modem/router is a single device ? It would be better if you could get just the modem from Verizon and then have your own router.
    I think that you don't have much choice in the matter since Verizon is providing the equipment and your only option will be to contact the customer support at Verizon to see if you can get any help with an ajustment in the router.
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