Phone, Kindle & iPod Connection Break Wireless Network


When I connect via wifi to my home network on a phone/Kindle/iPod, the wireless network "breaks" causing me to re-boot the router.

My regularly connected devices are a laptop, roku, av receiver, tv, ps3, xbox 360 and desktop computer.

My home network runs without interruption with these devices. The disruption only occurs when I introduce mobile devices.

My network set-up consists of a modem, Ambit, and a router, D-Link DGL-4500.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. You will have to check the internal settings of the router to see if there is a limit set on wireless devices that can be connected at any one time.
  2. OK, makes sense.

    Is there a technical name for the number of devices allowed to connect at one time? I am unable to find that information.

    Also, if there is a limit, would I be able to block additional devices from connecting? It's a pain to loose my internet connection and have to re-boot the router.
  3. Each brand of router has thier own way of listing the settings inside the router and some will have on the sides of the page a descripyoion of what each thing does . If you have the owners manual or can download one from the D-Link site then you can find it that way.
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