How Big Can I Go? ASUS P2B-F

If someone is familiar with this MotherBoard, could you please tell me the what is the largest hard-drive that can safely be upgraded to. The system currently has a 10 Gig, Western Digital.
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  1. Well, there are no specs on their website for that (I downloaded the web-book) therefore it depends upon the OS you're using... Win98 will successfully allow you to use up to 80gig while XP will allow you to use up to 120Gig (though only Seagate makes these, IBM soon if not already). Depending on processor speed (?) you can upgrade (if you haven't already) to WinXP to get the bigger harddrive capability (and NTFS format, instead of FAT32)..

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  2. I think their last BIOS supported 80GB drives or higher.

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