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I'm using an Asus P9x79 Deluxe with the antenna that came with the mobo, along with Windows 7.

I normally have the computer plugged into an ethernet channel, but today I moved it into a different room for work and it cannot connect wirelessly to the internet. In fact, it does not give me that as an option at all! Strange, as I never had this problem before.

The only significant change that I had was I installed Adobe Creative Cloud, but I don't see how that could mess things up.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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  1. When you connect a computer to a wireless router by ethernet cable you don't need a password , but when you connect by wireless you do so you should go into the wirless modem and in the security tab see what the password is or if you haven't set up a homegroup network then you should so that you can use that password on the wireless. Take and move the computer back into the room with the router and connect with the cable and setup a homegroup network and the password will then be on your computer so you can move it back to the other room and connect wirelessly.
    If the homegroup is already setup by another computer then you need to go into that computer and get the password to use on the computer that you moved.
  2. That would be to turn on the wireless signal on the modem, correct?

    I can't get wireless to work on my computer. It used to; the antenna on the computer is still working, as fat as I know. It's plugged into my mobo. But I don't seem to have the option for the computer to try to connect to the internet other than PPPOE.
  3. If you go into the network connections and in the change adaptor settings see if the wireless adaptor is enabled. I have seen where a driver install or program install will change things in the computer without telling you.
    I have two video cards in SLI and everytime I update the drivers it takes the two cards out of SLI and I have to remember to go in a set them back up in SLI. So it's things like this that chang settings in your computer without telling you and you have to find out the hard way, so check the adaptor settings to make sure that the wireless adaptor is enabled.
  4. I checked that, and I only have the Local Area Connection 1 and 2 which are working, then the Bluetooth Netword Connection which says not connected (but I don't have any bluetooth devices), and that's all. The wireless connector and the bluetooth come out of the same card in the motherboard, but I think there should be another option for wireless.
  5. You can check in the bios to see what options are in there , if you have a combo card then it's a matter of getting the wireless part of the card to be enabled. Your not going to detect a signal untill you have a wireless adaptor in the network adaptors page with the Local Area Connections.
  6. In BIOS, I saw that it was enabled Bluetooth 3.0 and wifi, and wifi only. I tried switching between these two options. It would be strange to me if this was a hardware issue, seeing as the bluetooth portion is working. It's the adapter that came with my Asus mobo.
  7. When you switched to the Wifi only did that change anything ?
  8. No it did not.
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