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Hi guys,
I've an audigy 1 soundcard. Somehow, a rather old game of mine failed to detect the midi. Thus, I manually selected a General Midi (Roland MPU-401 interface of 100% compatible) midi driver from the game's config. Now, it demands me to type in an IO Address for it. Any idea where I could get it? Under ctrl panel -> system (btw I am using 98 SE) -> Sound blaster Audigy, there is a field which says Input/Output Range : D000-D01F. None other driver works other than the system speaker (you know the one that beeps when your system POSTs)

Not only is the midi part having problems, the sound part is too. I selected "Creative Soundblaster 16 or AWE 32" driver. My audigy card is not being detected again, and this time, it demands the IO Add, and an 8-BIT DMA Channel with the options 0,1 and 3. Any ideas here?

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  1. oh man,don't explode your machine, it's all right :D. Follow these steps, I hope it works.

    1- Put the driver cd which comes with audigy in your cd-rom drive.

    2- Wait for autorun screen.After it appeared simply close it =D.

    3- Dbl Click "My Computer" then, right click your cd-rom drive which has a label of "audigy" or something like that (I'm considering you didn't name your hdd as "audigy" ! =DD)
    Then click "explore"

    4- In that window, dbl click "dosdrv" folder. And search for setup.exe, find it and run it by dbl clicking. After running it, click next next next... and finish it =DD.

    5- Then restart your machine. It shows a new device named "SB16 Emulation for Audigy" or something REALLY like this =D.

    6- Right-click "My Computer", click properties,goto device manager,then find sb16 emulation there. When you find it, double click it.

    7- In Settings (or port settings, something like that) you see the virtual resource settings for your audigy. Look them carefully and note somewhere :)

    8- click start-run, write "sysedit",press enter. In that windows find the child windows named "autoexec.bat" and look in it carefully. Search for word that starts with "Set Blaster=A2x0 I......" If it is there, don't touch anything, exit without saving anything. Otherwise,remember the resource settings in the sb16 emulation properties and go to the last line of autoexec.bat and write (without quotes,if you don't see space after or before quotes don't put space after writing recource value, if you see one,put space.) Set Blaster=A"IO Address" I"IRQ Address" D"Low DMA,generally 1" H"High DMA,usually 5 or 7" P"Midi port address,write 330" T6

    9- It is something like this (changes depending your resource values in your sb16 emulation properties)
    set blaster=A220 I5 D1 H5 P330 T6

    10- Restart your computer, re-setup your dos game's sound configuration. And have fun.

    woaoow I'm exhausted.
    (If all I write here doesn't change anything, then it is first possible that you don't have VxD drivers. Re-Install drivers that comes with cd. If your dos game still doesn't sound anything,it is also possible that emulation doesn't work for this game (works for almost any game).)

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