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Trendnet Wireless N router can't hold a signal.

December 8, 2012 4:08:34 PM

Hello, I have a TRENDnet TEW-672GR Dual Band Wireless N Gigabit Router using a Cable Modem for Internet access. For some reason, after setting up Wi-Fi and all is fine and all devices are able to see the SSID and connect, after about 2 minutes the SSID disappears from my laptop's wireless network list and drops the connection. I've tried numerous configurations of settings using various channels, security, and bands. The only nearby devices that might possibly interfere would be a bluetooth mouse/keyboard and a cordless phone 2 rooms away. No matter what i try, i can't seem to keep a stable wifi connection to any of my laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc... The only thing with a constant connection is my PC which is cabled directly to the router. I was using an older Linksys wireless G router before i bought the newer Trendnet N router when all went to hell.