Extend wifi hardwired?

I have a cable modem in house, connected to wndr3700v2, then hard wired to another end of house and a switch there split to br player tv etc. I want to extend my wireless service at the switch or replace the switch for that end of the house wifi, what product do I need to purchase to do this, there is a cat 5e wire available at the end of the run? I dont think I need another wireless modem, what do I use to extend the wireless network on that end of the house. WIFI does reach there but it is a weak signal. Using I pads and laptops on that side of the house, get lots of dropouts.

I thought about moving the wndr3700 in the middle of the house but the cable line and modem come into the office and is usd for work pc's there,so I need 3 or so lines and I read I cant use a switch before the wndr wifi box?

Thanks for any help as I am lost here,

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  1. I have used a second wireless router to cover the second floor of my house and have an ethernet cable running from the downstairs wireless router to the wireless router upstairs. It doesn't have to be an expensive wireless router since your only trying to get signal to a small area of the house. Some of those extenders can be just as expensive. The Cisco Valet would be a good choice.


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