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Ubee Modem/Router WPS/Mac connect

Last response: in Wireless Networking
December 8, 2012 6:49:29 PM

Hello, I just got a Ubee modem/router from TWC, connected it and "walla".... nothing!!! It doesn't show up on my Mac Power Book (purchased 2006) presently running 10.4.8. I know... not the latest OS but picking up every other signal from my neighbors next door and across the street I guess. The instructions said 5 lights are supposed to be lit but there are 6... The WPS (whatever that is) doesn't come on at all. The other 5 are lit 3 green, 2 blue. Isn't the WPS supposed to be on? I've unplugged, re-plugged several times but it doesn't light up.
Temporarily I'm using my Linksys router (defective now... drops signal... it's old too) piggy backed from the Ubee for wireless until I can go back to TWC again... Monday/Tuesday. Of course the Ubee works fine with an Ethernet cord but I need wireless!
Again my question is about the WPS... Is that the problem?
December 8, 2012 7:03:46 PM

Link-- blinking

Maybe not specificly on your modem but for most modems you have what I listed above. The power light is the first to come on and stay on and then the next three will one at a time start blinking and then stay on all the time, the last one is the link light and that one only comes on when you connect the ethernet cabgle to a computer or a router and then it will always be blinking , that's telling you that there is traffic going back and forth (sending and recieving). I'm not sure what the WPS light is, but here is what I found and it doesn't seem to be needed just yet.
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