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several mbox, pro tools LE n logic audio questions

Last response: in Home Audio
December 26, 2004 12:24:02 AM

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I have several ?'s about Logic Audio (last PC version) and the Mbox /
pro tools LE. I do rap/pop/R&B productions and I need pro tools
combatablity but I like working in Logic.

I will have 3 PC's (and minimal hardware):

1 for gigastudio n softsynths
1 for Logic n softsynths (maybe)
1 for Mbox (the fastest PC), all Windows :-( machines.

My MIDI needs are pretty basic, simple cut n paste and good
quantization. I use about 15% of what Logic is capable of MIDI wise
and do fine with my productions. I really like the soft synths and the
sampler in Logic so I would like to continue to use it to sequence.
I've never used the audio aspects of Logic. I was going to start but
Pro TOols format seems to be the standard now. Also Emagic doesn't
support WIndows Logic so any features they might have added to make
Logic and PRo TOols cmore compatable are lost on me.

The Mbox is all I need right now since I will never need more than 2
inputs at a time, and if the MIDI is good enough I may only have to use
Logic for it's synths.

The ?'s:

1. Will the Mbox synth plug ins that are available replace the
one's in Logic? I hold the logic synth plug's in high regard.

2. Does Windows Logic export a song in pro tools format (with the
audio too)?
-If so will the mbox open it without any problems?

3. Are the stock FX plugs for the Mbox good? Reverb, compression,

4. With a top speed athlon or pentium 4 processor will I get any
slow down with 32 tracks of audio running on the mbox with FX
and EQ's on all the channels? I was going to print all my
tracks dry to LE and apply FX with plug ins.

5. Is 32 tracks of audio on USB 1.0 a reality or are there hang
ups? SOunds kind of far fetched if your running lots of FX
plug ins.

6. Any work arounds on the total 32 tracks of audio from the Mbox
and PRo tools LE? Digidesign seems to offer nothing above that
for their entry level set ups. It's either 32 tracks under
$1300 or you blow a fortune on a full on pro tools set up for
more tracks.

7. Is it possible to MIDI chain two PC's with Mbox's for
64 tracks? If so would saving this project to hand to a label
or another procucer be a nightmare for them to open?

8. Can Mbox/Pro Tools LE songs be opened on ANY pro tools system,
small set up or top of the line?

Off topic ?'s:

1. I want to import my drum sets from my PEavey PS samplers. If I
record them as 1 giant WAV and use recycle to split them up, will I get
the individual hits all set up as individual files. Is this possible
or am I dreaming?

2. Can anyone recommend a good book on pro tools LE? Should I be
reading on LE or just regular Pro Tools in case the future brings me to

Thanks for any help you can give me in advance! IF there's someplace
else I Should be asking these ?'s then please let me know where.