Advice on Buying a Better Router Please

Alright, so here's my situation. I have a Belkin router, and from the little bit of googling that I've done, it appears to be a pretty bad router. I can port forward half the time, but settings keep resetting and it just stops working I guess. Anyway, it's a real pain to deal with cause even after I do it, sometimes it still won't work! I'm not looking for help with that, though. I'm looking for a new router, because I'm just tired of this one.
So, what made me finally decide I needed a new router was the fact that Black Ops 2 and Dead Island both wouldn't let me connect to a friend online. I've already determined it's not his connection, it's mine. Black Ops 2 says that my NAT type is strict, and after following tons of advice on various forums and videos I've managed to get it down to moderate, but Dead Island still isn't working. Oh, and the darn thing will randomly quit on me throughout the day. If anyone could give me any suggestions in getting Dead Island to work, that would be much appreciated too, but if not then I just need the name of a good (hopefully cheap) and reliable router that can port forward with relative ease. Any ideas?
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